Doglamorous Grooming Salon

Love your Furry Friend

Pamper Packages!

Bubble bath and fluff dry

This package includes a warm bubble bath with a cleansing shampoo and conditioning specially

selected for your dogs  skin and coat. 

A warm Blow-dry and brush to make your pups coat look shiny, nails trimmed and ears clean, also free cologne

and bandana or bow. Now your pup looks glamorous!

Pretty Pooch

This package includes the bubble bath and fluff dry package plus trimming the fur around paws and tidy up feet, ears and tail. Also a trim around the bottom, tummy and face.

This package will leave your pup feeling very pretty.

Glamour Pooch

This package includes their nails trimmed and ears cleaned plus a brush through the coat, then a pre-bath clip followed by a warm bubble bath with a cleansing shampoo and conditioner massaged into their coat then a warm blow-dry and brush. A full body fur clip and hand scissored which will leave your pooch looking and feeling glamorous.

-Doglamorous specialise in breed styles of all kinds and sizes.

separate services

Nail clipping, de-shedding, bath, medicated wash, glands, ear cleaning.


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